Available on Steam


Break Time! is now available for free on steam. Virtual Reality headset sold separately.

Break Time! VR Trailer

It’s been a while but I have finally managed to polish a version of Break Time! for Virtual Reality. It should be coming out on Steam soon. Enjoy the trailer in the meantime.


Break Time! A game that I have been working on alongside Mark Tarozzi has finally been released to the public after what I think has been a full year of intermittent development, what with working other jobs to fund our creative passion. It’s finally done.

You can get it on android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spacetoastgames.breaktime

An iOS version is getting reviewed as we speak.

Perhaps a windows store version? Soon.

It has been a great learning process and we hope to speed up the process a bit and not aim for something so demanding next.


Break Time (the game)

Things added:

  • Objectives based on picking up things
  • Objectives based on breaking things
  • Level menu features including unlocking levels with stars and hidden keys in levels
  • Optional completionist collectable lettered blocks B-R-E-A-K hidden throughout each level
  • Tutorial level
  • Intro fade in company logo seamlessly into main menu with unnoticed loading
  • Probably other things & bug fixes

Post-graduation work

Started working with a few of my peers to make games and hopefully release them this year!

Visit the team’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceToastGames/

Things worked on:
Break time

  • Added 3 stars per level earned through completing objectives (with animations!)
  • Create line on the screen indicating how far you have dragged to throw an object.
  • Added a prefab which can be used to spawn multiple and/or different objects with a % chance.
  • Fixed multiple bugs.

Character Modelling and Rigging (Mr PoopyButthole)

Based on the character from Adult Swim's hit TV series "Rick and Morty"

Based on the character from Adult Swim’s hit TV series “Rick and Morty”

We thought it was only appropriate to use Mr PoopyButthole as a character for a game jam based on pooping everywhere. Hopefully Adult Swim doesn’t sue us.

Poop Decals

UntitledInstantiates poo decals on whatever surface our poop lands on. Useful in many other situations.